Brainworks Studio

Client Focused

Founded in 2015

The Vision

Brainworks Studio was originally launched to help small businesses spend money on the right marketing in the right places. We have had quite the journey since then working on not only small business but also medium sized companies specializing in international imports, large not for profits with over 1000 employees, and everything in between. One of our CEO's favorite things about the diversity of our portfolio, is that we are always learning about different parts of the business community. As he says, "Having to lead the charge for marketing efforts in so many industries forces us to become subject matter experts on a wide variety of topics, we never get bored."

The Evolution

We are a combination of employees, freelancers, and independent contractors. This structure allows us to operate with low overhead and therefore be more competitive in our pricing. We want to make sure we are able to run our business and make money, but we do not want to have to gouge our clients to do it. So the savings we have on overhead we pass on to our clients in lower fees, lower hourly rates, and less expensive overall marketing packages. This does not mean we are the cheapest, it just means that we try to be as affordable as we can, while giving you the best service we can.

While we of course have a services page we want to also take a moment here to talk about the different things that we do as a company. Our main offerings are Website Design, Video Production, Commercial Photography, and Digital Marketing. 

Underneath all of that is what it takes to run those things effectively. SEO, SEM, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Google Ads, Retargeting, Email Campaigns, Marketing Support, Writing Services, Blog Writing, Vlogs, metric reporting, and honestly I could keep this list going for days.

Who do we work with? We like nice people. Seriously. We work with all different types of businesses including fish importers, online magazines, Commercial Cleaning Companies, Yoga Studios, Car Washes, Paving Companies, Not for Profits, and so many others. The only thing many of our clients have in common is that are good people, nice people, and because of this we love working with them.

We also love a challenge. We know many of you have unique businesses and are probably standing around thinking that this uniqueness makes it difficult for an outside organization to effectively market who you are, what you do, and why your clients or customers would want to buy from you. We want you to know that the is the type of stuff that get's us excited! We do not want to do what everyone else is doing. We want to do what everyone else can't. We want to work that is engaging and forces us to constantly learn, adapt, and overcome adversity. If that sounds like your business then perhaps we should chat.

One last thing thing we want you to know. You are someone to us. We do not care if you are spending $250 or $250,000 with us, you are someone to us. You are our client, you are our friend, and together we are a community. A community of businesses working together to build something for the future. We take this very seriously and to us it is a sort of promise. A promise to do our best for you.  A promise that when we mess up (an we will, everyone does) we will do our best to fix it, but we will own it first. Our promise is to put you before ourselves in every situation and to treat your business as if it is our our own. You will often here our CEO in meetings use the words "our" or "us" when he is talking about your company and the work we are doing for you. He feels we are a part of your team and you are a part of ours. We are together in this so it will always be, WE.


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