Let Us Tell Your Story

There is a lot of noise out there and finding the right customers for your business has never been more complicated. Sometimes the thing you need is someone that can help simplify your message, make it more succinct. Sometimes it is a new website, a blog, a video, headshots, or help with your social media. Email campaigns? Sure, but how are you building your lists? Looking for SEO help or SEM? Not sure what those even mean? Trying to figure out which social media channels you should be on? Should you tweet, post, or pin? Youtube, IGTV, Facebook Live, holy video batman, where should you be putting them? Maybe you want to add video to your marketing arsenal but are totally unsure of where to begin. Also, many of those cell phone photos do not look great on your website, should you invest in commercial photography?

When all that is said and done, who are you telling that story to? Who is your audience? Feel like you need help yet?

Let's talk about some of our primary offerings. 

Website Design

Thinking about a new website? As one of our primary offerings, Website Design is one of our favorite things to do. It is the centerpiece of all your marketing & communications efforts. 

Did we mention that we LOVE websites? Our very first sale when we launched, years ago, was a simple real estate website. Since then we have built site after site in all types of different industries with all types of budgets. We would love to build your new site!


Video Video Video! There is no better way to tell your story than with video. Funny video, action packed video, emotionally compelling video, we have the capabilities to do just about anything. We have done countless videos for social media, youtube, even grocery store monitors like the ones you see at select Price Chopper stores. We have done videos for television commercials, websites, and as email marketing pieces. We are capable of all levels of production quality, which allows us to work with almost every budget. If you want to talk video, we are sure we can help.


Photography, one of the most common forms of content is one of our main stay offerings. Headshots, product photography, photos for social media, and of course photography for your website. Our CEO, Michael Nelson, has shot almost every type of situation. His photography ranges from the headshot you see here, to event photography, and even running a 10+ mile Obstacle race carrying about 30 lbs of gear to get the right photos (and video) for one of our clients. The point? We can get the shot you want.

Social Media

With every hand holding a smart phone these days, Social Media is not just a part of the conversation, IT IS WHERE the conversation is taking place. 

So where to begin? Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Google my business? Twitter? Feel like there are too many options?

Should I even be on social media? Is it what my sales and marketing are missing?


Is That All You Do?

What we do is not limited to the four offerings listed above. However, these are the main offerings that include so many more. Here is a quick list of some of the other things we do for our clients.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Retargeting
  • Website Design & Build 

  • SEO & SEM

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Photo/Video Services

  • Blog Writing

  • Graphic Design

  • Email Marketing

While we are based out of Saratoga Springs, New York, we also work with clients all over the Capital Region. From Albany, to Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, and Queensbury. Of course, with much of what we do we are able to work with anyone, anywhere. We have worked with clients all over the US, Canada, and even parts of South America. Currently we are even working on a project in Costa Rica. We are not a huge company and we are not trying to be. We like to work with a small number of clients and really give them a level of service you can only get from a "Mom & Pop" shop. We want to build solid relationships and friendships with our clients that will grow for years to come. We are hoping to work with you! Click around and let us know if there is anything we can help you with. -M 

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