Top Reasons to be on Social Media


Today’s COVID economy has really hit home that if you are not digital you are dying. In order to survive and thrive we need to find ways to be virtual for all aspects of our business. Zoom meetings, video conferences, facetime, and so many other digital tools have now become the mainstream norm for day to day business. One thing that has also become even more relevant is social media. So, I figured I would give you some of my top reasons to be on social media as a business, that have nothing to do with sales & marketing. Reasons that are even more relevant in today’s COVID economy.


  • Hiring and Recruiting


    • As you probably know, the hiring and recruiting process starts long before you put that posting on Indeed. It starts with a strong company culture and helping those outside of your organization learn more about that culture. Social media gives you more bandwidth to broadcast who you are as a company and what is important to you. Are you a fun, ultra professional, competitive organization that people want to be a part of? Well, how will people know that? Social Media.
    • When you finally do post that hiring ad on Indeed (or wherever) rest assured today’s workforce is looking you up on social media to see what you are about. Afterall, this is how things work these days. If the wrong message or no message is there, you may be missing out on the right hire. You may be viewed as antiquated or dismissed as not being a credible organization. 
    • Lastly, the obvious one. Social media gives you more choices for posting hiring ads and offers. Also, organic is free so why wouldn’t get some content out there about that open position in your company?


  • Communications


    • If you are not telling your story someone else is. It could be ex-employees, competitors, or just some random stranger that you don’t even know exists. The bottom line is that people ARE talking about you and your company.  Who do you want controlling that narrative? 
    • Help bring awareness to the things outside of your business that are important to you. You are donating to charities, sponsoring golf outings, and volunteering time. I know you do not want to make these things about you, however, by posting about these events and causes you are also bringing attention to them. They want attention! They NEED attention. It’s how they get more donors and more sponsors. Help them by amplifying their voice and in return you get good press. It’s a win win.


  • Brand Awareness and Recognition


      • Yes I know this has to do with marketing but it also has to do with every other facet of your business as well. Circle back to the whole hiring and retention thing. How people feel about your brand extends far outside of sales and marketing.  How people think and feel about your brand is directly related to what they know about it. As I said earlier, if you are not telling your story someone else is. You want folks to know who you are and people are turning less and less to traditional media. So where will you educate people on your brand? Social Media.
      • Name recognition is something we all want. However, how often do you think of this when it comes to hiring? When someone mentions your firm does a potential applicant know who you are? Are they excited about the idea of working for such an amazing organization because they hear so much about you? Or do they dismiss you because they have never heard of you?


  • Connecting with your current customers - Client retention


    • Sharing their content and posts =  winning goodwill. One of the easiest things to do is share someone else's content. Seriously it takes two clicks. If you are sharing your current customers’ content, they will notice. Especially those businesses/people that really pay attention to their social media channels. They may even return the favor by sharing your content and commenting what a great company you are. We also have the law of social proof at work. What does that mean? It means this: You can say you are great all you want and people may believe it. As soon as someone else says it, it’s true. 
    • You need to keep yourself (business) in front of your current customers in case your competitors come lurking. Back when I was a full time sales person we used to say that “Your biggest client is someone else’s biggest prospect.” You need to protect your accounts and make sure that your relationship with your client is solid. Solid relationships do not come from a single approach and social media gives you an easy way to add to your client retention arsenal. 

It’s a digital world and it’s time to start updating your strategies. I know many of you have avoided social media up to this point. I know it is an added expense in time, money, and resources. I also know it would be harmful to not join the conversation that is happening out there on digital channels, every single day. Not sure where to begin? Well, of course we would love to chat with you about how we can help. 

Someone is telling your story, shouldn’t it be you?


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